Home News Over 5000 participated in protest against Kerala CPM violence in Hyderabad

Over 5000 participated in protest against Kerala CPM violence in Hyderabad


The MahaDharna by Jagrutha Bharat and Martyrs Memorial Research Institute was attended by over 5000 concerned citizens in Hyderabad. It was organised in protest against the violence and atrocities perpetrated by the CPIM in Kerala.

On the occasion, prominent citizens expressed their anguish on Kerala government’s silence and how communists are ideologically leaned to violence.

Former Andhra Pradesh DGP Dinesh Reddy gave insights on history of communists and their track record of violence.

Dr.Lakshman, state BJP president said the communists take inspiration from China and Russia.

Smt.Vijaya Bharati of Pragna Bharati said communists dreamt that EMS Namboodripad would rule the country. Now, they are unable to digest the fact that Narendra Modi is now Prime minister. Today, their ideology is defunct. It is not difficult to answer communists in the same coin of violence but we don’t believe in the ideology of violence and hope there would be transformation in them.

Dr.Vamsha Tilak of Adi Jambhava Sangh said it was the communists who cheated Dr. Ambedkar but very cunningly now this people are using his name for elections.

Col.Mohan who hails from Kerala said former president, Dr.Radhakrishna observed that communism as an ideology which is opposed to humanity.

Sri A.Narasimha Reddy, Bar council chairman, said it is shocking that communists accuse RSS as goondas while they themselves are involved in attacks every day. The communists try to indoctrinate students with their ideology and motivate them to work against progress of country.

Sri Sanjeev social worker from Kannur, Kerala, spoke in the protest stating that more than 85 RSS and BJP karyakartas have been killed in the district alone, which is the hometown of CM P. Vijayan.

When Sangh started in Kerala, the communists initiated attacks to stop RSS work. Today, inspite of attacks over 500 shakhas run in Kannur.

The CPIM is similar to the ISIS modus operandi but the Adharmic shakti of Communists will be defeated by the Dharmic forces.

Sri Shyam kumarji, Kshetra Pracharak of RSS, said Stalin said intense hatred is our ideology. They ruled in a few States. All over the world they killed over 6 crore people across the country. In 1925 communism started in Bharat. Same time RSS started. Communists tried to gain influence by attractive slogans. Millions followed them. At one time there was a situation where people felt communism will rule. But people saw through the game and their lies. People realised that their ideology has no connection to the Dharma of this land. Now they have no space except in a few states.

But RSS grew year on year and got people’s support. That is the reason why communists began attacks. Inspite of all this, today Sangh is a huge movement.

Communists supported British during quit India movement.

In 1962, Indian communists supported China against India. During Emergency, communists supported Indira’s Emergency.

Communists today support Afzal Guru, promote anti-national activities.

In Kerala, communists cadres are moving away and joining Sangh. Those who leave communism are attacked. Some of them are teachers, judges and officials.

It is not a a big deal to retaliate but Sangh doesn’t believe in violence. We had initiated discussions with EMR and Nayanar but they deceived. We have therefore taken up the nationwide protests.”

From the students, Kum.Shahzaadi, Kum.Haritha also spoke on the occasion.

Kum.Gopi Krishna gave vote of thanks.

Dharna ended with National anthem.

A memorandum is being submitted to the president through the governor.

The organisations supported this protest are Akhil Bharatitya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), Pragna Bharati, Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Madiga Chamar Intellectual Forum, Osmania University Teachers Association, Telangana Samajika Chaitanya Vedika, Jatiya Vidyarthi B.C Sangham, Janam Kosam, Prakruthi Mitra, Athidi Sahayog, Sikh Sangatan, Rastra Sevika Samiti, Bar Council of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh